Satoru Aoyama
Born 1973 in Tokyo, Aoyama has presented works that extend the boundaries of embroidery by using an old industrial sewing machine. He launched the website “Everyday Art Market” to present and sell new works from his home amidst the pandemic, creating works through communicating with customers.

《Mr.N’s cigarette butt》2023

Suzanne Lacy & Andrea Bowers
Bowers, born 1964 in Ohio, U.S.A., has continued to document activism and express the experiences of people fighting for gender, race, environment, labor and immigration justice through drawings, videos and installations. Lacy, born 1945 in California, U.S.A., a pioneer of socially engaged art, creates expressions to address social issues such as racism, aging, and poverty by working together with communities. 《This Earth: What She Is To Me》 is a collaborative work by the two artists.


《This Earth: What She Is To Me》2020
Courtesy of Andrea Bowers and Suzanne Lacy

melanie bonajo
Born 1978 in Heerlen, the Netherlands, bonajo is an artist, filmmaker, sexology bodyworker and activist exploring the possibilities of reclaiming and sharing sexuality, intimacy, and sensation from a queer and de-capitalist perspective. bonajo’s work, a video installation showcasing an attempt to reimagine the intimacy of the body, drew attention at the 2022 Venice Biennale where it represented the Dutch Pavilion.


《When the body says Yes》2022
Courtesy of the artist and AKINCI Still made by Sydney Raheemtoola

Masato Kobayashi
Born 1957 in Tokyo, Kobayashi has produced works in various locations with a base in Ghent, Belgium, after representing Japan at the 1996 Sao Paulo Biennale and being invited to Europe by curator Jan Huth in 1997. Teaching classes at the Tokyo University of the Arts, Kobayashi stresses “the importance of facing the person you love, the person you want to show your work to upon painting” and claims that “painting is all about the way the artist faces the world.”


《Portrait of the artist》2019
Copyright the artist, Courtesy of ShugoArts, Photo by Muto Shigeo

Muyun Lee
Born 2000 in Shanghai, China, Li is a MFA candidate at the Graduate School of Fine Arts at the Tokyo University of the Arts, using time-based media such as video and radio drama to express unique narratives. Based on the artist’s own experience of living abroad for a long time, Li depicts people's inner feelings of servility, alienation, and loneliness, and tries to create works that allow them to share such feelings with others.



Kao Okada
Born 2001 in Tokyo, Okada is a MFA candidate at the Graduate School of Fine Arts at the Tokyo University of the Arts, and also enjoys working as a part-time hotel room cleaner. Based on the experiences gained through interactions with fellow cleaners of different ages and nationalities, Okada looks into the boundaries between cleanliness and dirtiness, expressed through video installations.


《Clean/ing people》2023

Sanghun Park
Born 1991 in Seoul, South Korea, Park, as both foreigner and queer in Japan, examines the artist’s own situation through a sculptural approach, and attempts to deconstruct the masculinity found within the medium. Park’s works are created for people who have questioned their own identity, or people who are interested in the fundamental nature of human activity.


《Poorly constructed sculpture-At 16:31》2021

Rintaro Unno
Born 1992 in Tokyo, Unno attempts to visualize the invisible and the diverse through video, photography, sculpture, and other forms of expression, taking hints from religion, video games, and other things that the artist has been familiar with. With poetic sentiment and humor, Unno examines the possibilities of an environment where different objects and values can coexist.


《Fool, Fun Night, I Love You》2022