An art exhibition made by artists and viewers

 This exhibition, through the works of artists who confront challenges existing in society, will consider various contemporary issues of today: solitude, body and sexuality, relationship between humans and nature, and collaboration and solidarity with others. The exhibition also sheds light on the role of the viewer, or “audience”, and explores the possibilities of a new interrelationship between the artist and the viewer, and a new viewing experience.
 Artist and activist Suzanne Lacy has said that when she shows her work in art museums, her imagination extends beyond the people who come to see it, to include those who cannot come to the venue due to financial or psychologicall constraints. 
 A work of art does not come into existence simply by the artist alone, and its meaning continually changes according to the reactions of its viewers, who feel, interpret, and at times develop questions upon encountering it. That is why it can be said that works of art are appreciated beyond their time and region, and acquire the freedom to be read in new ways.
 This exhibition introduces the various perspectives presented by the artists, while also visualizing what is inside the minds of the audience. In a space where the ideas of the artist and the viewer intersect, we expect a new dialogue with the artwork to emerge.

□"Art and Society" Executive Committee
Natsumi Araki / Satoru Aoyama / Satoshi Iwama / Sanghun Park 
□Supported by:
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Kyoeikai National Association of Tax Accountants for Cultural Foundation
Nomura Foundation
The Asahi Shimbun Foundation
The Kao Foundation for Arts and Sciences